Our Doors Are Closed For Now

Aaron and amy are moving to mexico!

We'll be back regularly to refresh our space in the back of epic antique in seattle where we stock:

  • vintage lighting,

  • our own creations,

  • hard-to-find parts

We Build and Sell Lighting

and other vintage home decor
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Older wiring in your lamp can become oxidized with visible darkening of the metal in the cord.  When this happens, things get hot.  This can be unsafe and should be repaired.


If we don't have it in stock, we can find it and special order it, often beating any other online price.



Most sockets (the parts that hold the bulbs) will wear out over time just from heat.  If your new bulb flickers in the socket or won't turn on at all, this is likely the problem. 



If your brass plating has worn through and cleaning makes it worse, we can often give it a new finish without the huge expense of re-plating.



When lamps are moved or accidentally fall, they often bend  We have all the parts and tools here to fix them. 



We get a lot of fixtures brought from Europe and the wire is too thin for our American-wired houses. We can make them work safely in your home. 

We have 100's of unique lamp shades in stock in our showroom.
If you can't find the
perfect shade,
let's design it together!



Tacoma Lamp Repair started out as Jerika's Lamp Sales and Repair in Fircrest. We never had the chance to know the founder, Geraldine, but we hear stories from her customers about how wonderful she was and how charming her shop was.


Jerika's was acquired in 2010 and the name was changed to Tacoma Lamp Repair. For eight years, Tacoma Lamp Repair was located in a cute purple building on Tacoma Ave. It was a lovely space packed to the brim with beautiful antique lamps and dozens of lamp shades cleverly suspended from the ceiling. 

In the Summer of 2018, Tacoma Lamp Repair transferred ownership once again and continued to operate out of the small purple building. Needing more room to grow, we found a much larger space in the heart of McKinley and also set up a new retail brand, EvocaLux (evocative lighting). The new shop and showroom opened in January 2019.

If you need something done for your treasured lamp, get it out of the spare room, basement or garage and bring it on in to us so we can bring some new light to your home. Most of the time it is a simple job of replacing the socket and a new shade is always a good idea. We have a shop full of fine designer and vintage shades, and often times we special order shades for our customers.

We have the best lamp repair people in all of Puget Sound. If one of us cannot fix it, someone in our network may be able to. We fix more lamps than any other business in the area with customers traveling from places like Port Townsend and North Bend.

Rest assured we will take good care of your lamp. We have repaired lamps for customers that have been passed down through generations. We restore vintage lamps specialize in floor lamps. If you have ever enjoyed the light of a floor lamp, then you know how extra special that light can be. If you like to read, there is no better reading lamp because floor lamps use three way mogul bulbs that go all the way up to 300 watts. These specialty bulbs can be found easily, we always stock them and occasionally the big orange box store has them available, also.

We have people who know how to rewire a six way floor lamp so if you have been meaning to take care of that and have been putting it off, bring it on in, we will take care of it no problem. It looks so easy but we repair more of these lamps after customers get frustrated after hours of getting nowhere, and they are glad they found us.

We also carry parts and products for those who would like to fix their own lamps. If you want to do your own repair and you are stuck, consider calling us and making an appointment with our repair person. For a small fee, you will be guided through your project with ease from a friendly professional.

Our shop has a large selection of lamp shades. We are constantly bringing in vintage lighting rewired to be electrically new. Our inventory quickly rotates since we quickly sell the lighting we restore. We recommend going to Earthwise or SecondUse to find a lighting fixture perfect for your space. We'll do whatever it takes to make it safe for your home. 

We invite you to come by our shop and say hello. We're open Monday-Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturdays 10am to 2pm.

Your repair team,
Amy & Aaron


OUR Work

Restored to vintage charm



Tiffany Lamp
Glass repair and rewire

circa 1930-1940

Repaired for customer

Converted to US wiring

Customer Purchased

in Germany 





Email: amy@tacomalamprepair.com

Tel:  253-566-9037